Cut&Paste is a creative team that arose in Palermo in 2007. It is made up of Roberto Ferrante, Ernesto Bonaccorso and Manfredi Vitrano, who are all around 30 years old. Emerged from the academic world, they are involved in communication, graphics, web and product design, helping to animate the Palermo scene. They have been selected for several competitions and have participated in some exhibitions at the Triennale di Milano.

associated museum: Galleria Regionale di Palazzo Abatellis, Palermo 123

Patella, is a lampshade composed by the overlaying of various strips of etched paper to be mounted via the normal lamp rings sold in shops. The result is to create a soft lighting effect that emanates from the special texture obtained in the paper, inspired by the decorative Arabian motifs found in the Palazzo Abatellis.