Diego Grandi (Rimini) opened his studio in Milan in 2002 and deals in product, interiors and design consultancy. He has also collaborated with companies: Abet Laminati, Ferrino, Guzzini, Lea Ceramiche, Casamania. His projects have been selected for international shows, events and awards, such as the third interpretation of the Triennale Design Museum in Milan, the Good Design of the Chicago Athenaeum and the ADI Design Index. www.diegograndi.it

associated museum: MART, Rovereto e Trento 123

Ultravox, a small homage to Futurism. Inspired by the "Intonarumori" by Luigi Russolo, Ultravox is a basic acoustic loudspeaker made from recycled cardboard. It is quickly assembled and ready to free children's expressiveness or to direct and amplify the ideas and opinions of adults.