Samantha Acciuffi (Mirandola) studied at Central Saint Martins College (London), lives in Rome, and works in the fields of graphic design and photography. She has won several competitions, including the 1st Cosmopack award. Alessandro Loschiavo (Rome) lives and works in Milan, has won 5 Good Design Awards, and his projects have been presented also at the Chelsea Art Museum in New York and the Today Art Museum in Beijing.

associated museum: Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence 123

La Dama degli Uffizi, a travel version of the checkers or draughts game composed of a printed card chessboard plus 24 two-tone card pieces. The folding board reproduces a detail of the flowery meadow from Botticelli's celebrated Primavera, computer processed to achieve the appropriate alternation of dark and pale squares. The game's pieces are obtained by raising the "leaves" of the 2-dimensional four-leaf clover-shaped cards so as to have 12 dark and 12 light artificial flowers.