Riccardo Dalisi (Potenza, 1931) lives and works in Naples. An architect and designer, his works are on display in important museums such as the Decorative Arts Museum in Groningen, the Frac Centre in Orléans and at Denver Art Museum. In the 1970s he was among the leaders of Radical Design. Winner of the Compasso d'Oro (1981), he has cooperated with prestigious companies such as Alessi, Bisazza, Fiat, Rosenthal, Zanotta. www.riccardodalisi.com

associated museum: Museo Nazionale di Capodimonte, Naples 123

Capodifoto, a photo-frame obtained by folding a sheet of recycled card so as to form the shape of a flattened inverted cone that sits stably thanks to a painted wooden clothes-peg. A photograph, or postcard of the museum just visited, is placed in the cone and remains suspended vertically like a leaf carried by the wind.